1) I ____ a doctor.
is be am are
2) ____ three apples on the table.
There isn't Are there Thare is There are
3) She ____ two brothers.
got has got there are is
4) There isn't ____ milk in the fridge.
some any a the
5) He ____ to work every day.
is going does goes go
6) You ____ a test now.
write are writing is writing writes
7) I'm russian. Where ____ from?
you are you are are you
8) He ____ like orange juice.
not don't no doesn't
9) This is ____ book.
Mary's of Mary Mary she
10) We ____ to the theatre yesterday.
gone go was went
11) ____ at work yesterday?
Was you Did you Did you be Were you
12) Does he read a lot? Yes, ____ .
he do he does he reads it is
13) I don't ____ get up early every day.
do need want have to
14) We ____ to play tennis tomorrow.
can will shall are going
15) Tom is tall, but Mike is ____ .
more taller taller tallest more tall
16) Peter ____ that film.
already already seen has already seen saw have already seen
17) ____ Ann yesterday?
Did you saw you saw Did you see saw you have you seen
18) There was a robbery at the bank last night and all the money ____ .
has stolen was stolen was being stolen is stolen
19) She liked the dinner, ____ ?
won't she isn't it doesn't she didn't she
20) I ____ a book yesterday when my sister came to see me.
read have been reading have read was reading
21) If I were you ____ her everything.
I tell I told I'll tell I'd tell
22) If ____ we will ask him for help.
will come he comes he will come he come
23) She told me ____ the door.
opened open to open have to open
24) I haven't been in Great Britain ____ April.
ago since or yet last
25) Unless ____ hard he'll fail exam.
he worked he'll work he'd work he works
26) When I reached the airport the plane ____ .
already left had already left would already leave was already left
27) If I had used the map I ____ got lost.
hadn't wouldn't have won't have not have
28) I called her three times, but there is no answer. She ____ in bed.
needs to be must be will be used to be
29) I ____ for an hour when he woke me up.
had been sleeping slept was sleeping have slept
30) You ____ eat something before going to work.
must have to can should
31) By the time you come home I ____ dinner.
will cook cook will have cooked cooked
32) She said she ____ to play tennis.
did like doesn't like liked likes
33) I worked hard ____ my exam.
to passing for pass to pass for passing
34) I'm thinking ____ to France next month.
to go I go of going for going
35) Would you mind ____ me?
help helping to help going to help
36) I'm looking forward ____ you again.
to see of seeing to seeing seeing
37) It's high time you ____ to study.
start would start started have started
38) Providing that ____ she will get the job.
she'll try hard she'll be trying hard she is trying hard shy tries hard
39) Take that umbrella in case it ____ .
rain will rain has rained rains
40) He didn't say hi to me. He ____ in a hurry.
might to be should have been must have been had to be